• Tailor made and built after a meeting with the persons attending the training.

  • Diverse topics, but the strategies used are reflexive-interactive and based on questioning, critical feedback and self-evaluation.

  • The training leads to a reflexive-interactive autonomy which goal is not to bring the subject to work alone but to recognize when it is necessary to consult for career orientation

  • The training can be done in small or big groups

Conferences are offered on the topic discussed with the persons in charge of the event.


For example:


  • Project creation

  • Accompanying change

  • Creativity

  • Reflective-interactive strategies

  • Influence of affectivity (especially anxiety) and reflexivity

  • Equity and social innovations research

  • Shared leadership development

  • Writing process to reach a larger public

  • Reflection on professional practices


Adaptation to various artistic fields

  • To represent a person or a group on business card, curriculum vitae, grant request or to present a candidature for an award or a festival

  • For advertising or social medias

  • For old or new texts


Meeting with the persons concerned by the documents to produce might be necessary




Individual/group support

  • Starting a new career path

  • Going through a career change

  • Improvement of the professional process.


Bring the person to make his or her own choices and not “to say what to do”


Starting with what the person is, his or her experiences, hopes and perspectives to help them make their own decisions.


Individual or small groups support



It is a pleasure to welcome you on my website with four sections

  • Coaching

  • Training

  • Writing

  • Lectures


Artistic and musical fields


A career of 30 years in education leads me to transfer  my expertise to the artistic and musical  fields.


Experience in

  • Accompanying change

  • Strategies to apply change

  • Exercising leadership

  • Skills development (yours and those of particular groups)

  • Great expertise in writing and leading books collections


Now, I want to go on and use my skills in the artistic and musical fields.


Louise Lafortune

Services offered


  • 30 years of known expertise as a coach-trainer-researcher on a national and international level in education in the Francophonie

  • Publication of 70 books, hundreds of articles and book chapters and hundreds communications in scientific and professional conventions.


Louise Lafortune Ph.D.

Doctorate in science of education


24 years of experience of college teaching and 14 years of university teaching


Work interests

  • Affectivity and reflexivity influence in an accompaniment-training process,

  • Look for equity and social innovations in different personal and professional life spheres

  • Exercise and development of shared leadership

  • Reflective-interactive practice

  • Writing processes for large public

  • Accompanying change

Participation in videos productions:

  • Collaborator in the production of videos related to the publication of the “Manifeste pour une école compétente”, Youtube (2011).

  • Producer of the project “Maths, Sciences et Technologies : pourquoi pas? » for the production of a tv show at the Canal savoir on VHS and DVD (2001-2003).

  • Producer of the project “Chères mathématiques“ for the conception of videos on emotions and maths (2001-2002). Lafortune, L. et S. Lafortune (2002). Chères mathématiques : des stratégies pour favoriser l’expression des émotions en mathématiques, capsules vidéos. Québec, Presses de l’Université du Québec.

  • Advisor and contributor for a video on adapted philosophy for kids and maths called “Philosopher sur les mathématiques”, Montréal, CIRADE, UQAM (2001).