Armando Ramos

Armando Ramos

  • The creativity and authenticity of the artist Armando Ramos are his style characteristics and his particularity.

  • Unique voice and songs interpretation from the past and present repertoire of the Cuban culture and of other Latin countries.

  • Varied repertoire for a heterogeneous public, young and old of different cultures.

  • Lyrical baritone voice with tenor variations to interprets popular songs, but also on an opera level in different genre like bolero, salsa, merengue of the Latin culture, mainly Cuban.

It is a challenge to produce a distinctive and original sonority for a large national and international audience.

Goals of the artists


With his own style and special voice

sing for young and older people, create love, friendship and peace through text   and the melody


With his unique interpretation


transmit authentic values of the artistic and musical origins of Cuba


In each warm interpretation


bring new sound elements to enrich his style and authenticity


With his lyric baritone with tenor variations voice,


maintain lyricism and origins of the castellan language


Thinking of all types of public


Defend the Cuban music on national and international scenes with quality and respect

Armando Ramos - Una voz a lo cubano - bailable
Armando Ramos - Una voz a lo cubano - baladas
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