Documentary production: Cuba-Québec collaboration in education

Ongoing projects

A documentary production is now in progress and will present:

  • Similarities between Cuba and Quebec’s visions in education

  • A context of openness to the world

  • Sociocultural contribution of Cuba to Quebec’s education system

  • Quebec’s contribution with reflexive competency skills to the superior Cuban education system.


Two loving and respectful visions of Cuba:

  • a director that knows Cuba since 15 years (David Fabrega)

  • a researcher in education (Louise Lafortune) that spends her time between Cuba and Quebec since 5 years and volunteers at the University of Holguin.

  • that appreciate the Cuban culture without losing a critical point of view

  • living the Cuban life to appreciate the dynamism and the vivacity without losing sight of contradictions in a world in evolution, changing.

The management of a cuban artist: The singer Armando Ramos

Armando Ramos’ voice and energy need to be known.


It is in this perspective that this singer will be invited in a cultural exchange to come to different places in Quebec to sing for a Quebecer public with his lyrical baritone voice with tenor variations that suit so well for his ballades’ and his salsas and merengues.

A Cuban artist management: The singer Armando Ramos

Video presentation for the Art Movies International Festival (AMIF, 2017)

The short documentary of Nicole Deschamps « L’Atelier de l’île de Val-David, 40 ans de création » has an interest for many reasons.


It presents a project that is a part of our patrimony, because this workshop still exists.


Since 1975, its importance was demonstrated. In a technological context, it is the occasion to remember our  history, to have concerns about art and for projects that contribute to its emergence and perpetuation.


The music is well-chosen and calming.